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PhD Cand. Björn Cronquist
Dept. Informatics, Lund University
Lecturer, Kristianstad University

Björn is working on a dissertation titeled
" Knowledge Creation and Organizational Intelligence ".
The aim of the research is to explore how organizations go about creating their images of the future. Being such a complex matter it can be expected that organizations will rely on some kind of technology to support this effort. The concept of Business Intelligence (BI) is closely related to this issue. The importance of BI is well established but few methods or methodologies are available. There is a trend towards regarding BI and BI support as a matter of technology.

The unique contribution from Björns research will be the description of key issues and functions that does not involve heavy reliance of implementing new advanced technology. Rather it will rely on the revelation of patterns in existing organizational behaviors and description of how existing, well established technology, can be used in order to support information analysis performed by humans. Some guidelines showing how external information to the Organization can be made useful in producing Organizational Intelligence artifact will be produced.

In order to add value to information in the information value chain human judgment must be integrated in any planning. Human judgment is based on the tacit dimension of individual knowledge. It is therefore difficult to externalize and formalize the grounds for human judgment. It can only be examined indirectly in the way people behave and in what decisions they make. By planning for and implementing systematic methods or methodologies the knowledge, underlying human decision making can be developed and refined regarding the quality aspects. It can be valued from an organizational performance perspective.

Information provided by automatically generated IT-reports must always be interpreted. The concepts of metaphor and analogy are assumed to be significant in the process of knowledge sharing. By investigating and describing possible change over time of these, and possibly other concepts, a series of relationships between actions and representations of knowledge is expected to come forward. A description of on what organizational level intelligence products is provided and an analysis expressing the properties of organizations bringing intelligence to the ordinary knowledge-worker is expected.

Contact Information:

Björn Cronquist
School of Health & Society
Kristianstad University College
SE-291 88 Kristianstad, Sweden
Phone: +46 44 203423


IS journal rankings

International Journal of Business Intelligence Research (IJBIR)


The First Conference on the History of Nordic Computing
Trondheim, Norway,15 - 17 June, 2003


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©Björn Cronquist
Institutionen för Matematik och Naturvetenskap
Högskolan Kristianstad